Bohemian Life in Paris

I am working, working, eating, sleeping and going to the toilet, then working again. What a petty existence I lead these days. Tired all the time. Bohemian life in Paris is not a joke! Six years in university, and look what I do! I’m a waitress! How long will I keep up this insanity??

Neglecting Doris Lessing, neglecting going to cinema, neglecting singing – had a cold, cured by chineese medecin again (how many times haven’t I repeted that the chineese are geniuses).
Wondering what is going on in the world – not reading the papers. Who want’s to give me a quick resumee?

Last film: Luxury Car. No time to give comment. Did quite like Hard Candy, the girl is a hell of an actrice. How old is she really?

I have had a Hitchcock week. For the meantime I have decided that Marnie is my film. Certenly not the best one, but I love the portrait of the animalistic side of human nature, Tippy Hedren when she hides in a corner like a frightened animal, the cliché machoism of Sean Connery’s character. Question: To what extent is the film sexist? There is something disgusting in the way women gets portrayed, as the weak, the ones who must be calmed and controlled, the ones who gets overpowered by their own nature. Or is this just the easyest and most cliché way to read it. Is it about male vs female nature, or is it about human vs. animal nature. Of course it is more complex as a whole, but still. This problematic is what strikes you first.

Wondering how my English is. Difficult to write in your second language.

It’s funny, but I can’t stop listening to Allison Krauss’ Forget About It. At first I thougt she was completely banal, but I love the country style of it. Besides her voice is warm, her time is perfect and her phrasing is charming. The title song is really catchy! Question: Why the hell is she so damned depressed? Every time I listen to that album, melancholia is sneaking up on me. When she sings the song Ghost In This House it gets too much. The rest is bearable, but still – someone must really have fucked her up…

Going to work, working all night. Ah, bohemian life in Paris….. I have to get out of here!!