Complicated these days. Cannot get up in the morning. Looking for an apartment, which takes a lot of time, and is exhausting. The problem is not time, it’s to create a good routine. I don’t like to go to bed in the evening, so getting up at eight seems like such an impossibility every morning when the alarm rings.

Determination is what I seem to lack. I can do fine for weeks, and suddenly I have trouble keeping to the schedule. Also, not having an office doesn’t help. I don’t want to write in a cafĂ©. I want to be at home. Sharing the space with someone else calls for tolerance. Especially when I’m sharing it with someone who does exactly the same thing as me. We devide the day in two, so the time I give is the time I get back. It would definately be different to have a small room somewhere with a piano and a desk.

Lesson learned is 1.) Go to bed early 2.) Do not get out of the routine. It’s so difficult to get back into it.

Still, there is light in the end of the tunnel. The more I read, the more I want to write. The more I write, the more I want to keep writing. Also, it becomes easier every day to get into “the mood”. I no longer spend two hours looking at the screen. That, to me, is progress!

Going to the piano now. Artist of the day: Judee Sill. Listening to this:


If I told you some secrets
Would you say I’m unreal?
I could easily love you
If you’d just let me feel.
I can’t play forever
The games I’ve outgrown,
But just till enchanted sky machines
Take all the gentle home.
Just needin’ to touch you
Is so hard to restrain,
Just waitin’ for the time
Could maybe make me insane.
My heart is so hungry
Livin’ on patience alone,
Please hurry enchanted sky machines
Take all the gentle home.
I believe the beginning
Won’t be too far away.
The power’s gittin’ stronger,
I see signs every day.
So I’ll swallow my yearnin
And won’t let it be shown,
Until the enchanted sky machines
Take all the gentle home.
My desire is a rosebud
In the magic design.
I can’t wait to feel it bloom
They’ll be landin’ anytime.
Then when the skeptics are wonderin’
Where all the faithful have flown,
We’ll be on enchanted sky machines
The gentle are goin’ home.