Oh, Joyce…

I have been wanting to read the books of Joyce Carol Oates for a long time. Her novels I mean. But reading an interview in Les Inrocks from Festival du cinéma américain in Deauville, it seems I’ll just have to forget all about it. I suppose I already knew this, but I’m still terribly disappointed. I am so fascinated by this woman. Most of all what intrigues me is that she’s able to treat such dark and disturbing subjects. I don’t understand it. Myself, I can’t even think of the subjects she treats in her books. Me, just watching TV or reading the paper leaves me awake at night. I’m scared of e v e r y t h i n g.

Was thinking of bringing Blonde with me on the plane when I go to South America this fall, but that’s all. I will study her bibliography well though. Maybe there are other “un-scary” books there. Whish I could calm down, and be able to treat books like hers like literature, and not some scary true underworld, but for the time being I’ll just leave them alone.

Oh, Joyce… Oh, well…


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