Piano PJ Pursuit of Happiness

New apartment, lots of work + the usual spring cold (en avril, ne te decouvre pas d’un fil etc etc) = no writing, no singing as my voice is completely gone and I’m tossing like crazy.

1st piece of good news: Am contemplating buying a piano! It’s terribly expensive of course (with a silent function and all), but I feel like a piano is the only thing I now lack in life. I have a nice place to live, a room for making music (that I need to share with my boyfriend of course, but still). Ok then, so I don’t have a job, and I don’t have THAT much money. But without a piano, what am I? It’s what I’ve always wanted (and never got…).

2nd piece of good news: Came over some very good “input” – a nice interview with PJ in The Guardian. Here you go:

So the days go in parisian suburbia… Spring is here, there’s no mistaking. Thank God February and March has come to an end. April and May seem promising. Juhuu!



…and in complete lack of inspiration, wondering when this phase will end. Have not written for at least a month. Find everything depressing…