Piano PJ Pursuit of Happiness

New apartment, lots of work + the usual spring cold (en avril, ne te decouvre pas d’un fil etc etc) = no writing, no singing as my voice is completely gone and I’m tossing like crazy.

1st piece of good news: Am contemplating buying a piano! It’s terribly expensive of course (with a silent function and all), but I feel like a piano is the only thing I now lack in life. I have a nice place to live, a room for making music (that I need to share with my boyfriend of course, but still). Ok then, so I don’t have a job, and I don’t have THAT much money. But without a piano, what am I? It’s what I’ve always wanted (and never got…).

2nd piece of good news: Came over some very good “input” – a nice interview with PJ in The Guardian. Here you go:

So the days go in parisian suburbia… Spring is here, there’s no mistaking. Thank God February and March has come to an end. April and May seem promising. Juhuu!


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