Jobs and stuff

Forgot to tell you something. I am now officially broke, and I need to work. I have tried all the libraries I can think of, but no one needs anyone. This has led me to say yes to a job I really didn’t want to take. This summer I’ll be working as a receptionist. Please kill me NOW!

Yes, it does bother me. It depresses me deep into my bones and my marrow. Is this what I have been reduced to? All those years of studying, getting a degree in literature, speaking four languages – is that what I am? A receptionist?

But I do need the money. And the sites are quite interesting. One is at the offices of a TV-channel.

I was speaking to my mother just now, and she said “..but if you don’t have any choice…” I suppose I do have a choice. I can continue being a bohemian writer/musician (which I only am in my own head right now) with no money, only growing debt, or I can get over myself, and think of all the artists out there who are doing boring jobs just to be able to work on their art.

Something has to change anyway. I’m not doing anything (exept painting dors and stuff), and I don’t have any money either.

Maybe I’ll think differently about it in a week. Right now I just want to be depressed and think about how low I’ve sunk. And to cmnfort myself I will eat potato chips, try to ignore my PMS, watch Game of Thrones and forget for a couple of hours that…… I was going to say that my life sucks, but it doesn’t really. I’m just a bit humiliated, and when did that ever kill anyone?


James, you bore me

I think I’m getting over my love for Henry James. I’m reading An Awkward Age, and I just cannot get into it. It bores me. Am I giving up? Have I already been through his best novels (The Bostonians and A Portrait Of A Lady)? According to my list I have 19 novels to go. Don’t think I can do it!

What to read this summer? Am thinking about Nabokov. I need something….literary, yet juicy and fun(?).

Maybe I’m just bored.

19 novels to go? I haven’t even read all Virginia Woolf’s writings for gods sake!


I need to be inspired. I need to find interviews about people talking about creative life etc. I know there is no secret to it, except working hard, but I still need some input right now. You are welcome to help me to this.

It’s Getting Better

Cold gone, voice back and appartment almost finished! And I got up at eight this morning to write! We’re still lacking some furniture, but it’s coming along well.

Also, I’m thinking of buying a piano! Or, I mean, I AM buying a piano. Am looking for one that won’t ruin me completely. Have my mind set on a Yamaha u1. Crossing my fingers that I’ll find a good one, not to old, not too much used.

Can’t wait for it to be here – in our new studio/office.