Thank’s PJ

When PJ spoke about her album in The Guardian, after having won the 2011 Mercury Price, she mentionned Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Patti Smith as inspiration for her music. It warms my heart, because the core of the music these people make is their WORDS, their COMMENT ON THE WORLD, their comment on LIFE. You feel close to them, because they are wise people you feel have a lot to teach you, and who’s music hold a kind of HUMANITY we need so badly in our world today. So much is about IMAGE, MONEY, SELLING RECORDS, BEING HIP. Everything seems so kitch and ugly, loud and intruding. Then we have these becons of light who shine the way so that we can find the way back to ourselves, and understand where we come from.

I haven’t spoken about it before, but to me “Let England Shake” got a whole new meaning after what happened in Oslo on the 22 July. If I ever got the opportunity, I think I would like to thank her for that reason. What happened in Norway was so unspeakable, and the only artistic comment I could find that kind of made sense was her record.

Thank’s PJ.


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