Best thing ever

It’s wonderful to be in a grown up relationship. I’m so glad the dating period of my life is over (good god, it was a nightmare…) Still I remember one particular feeling. I remember being super interested in some guy that I thought I couldn’t get. We all hate it when that happens. Then, a couple of years later, I end up going on an amazing date with just THAT guy. This has happened to me several times, and has been a source for numerous songs. Best thing ever!

How do you write about that kind of rush? I’m still not able to. Anyway, this song by the Norwegian group RAZIKA conveys well, if not that particular feeling, definately that period in a girls life. Here with a brand new video:

Also, I find that every particular crush has it’s own soundtrack. Sondre Lerche’s Phantom Punch is the soundtrack to one of the worst crushes I’ve ever had. Although I’m SO over the guy in question, the album still reminds me of him (unfortunately…) GREAT album though, worth a listen.


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