Fill yourself up

I just read this, and absolutley get what Annie Leibovitz is saying when she talkes about filling herself up:

“I was having a tough time and needed to clear my mind and fill myself up again with what I care about. I have learned over the years how to look after myself and my work, and know that at a certain point it’s good to go off and find a different road. It is a matter of stopping and refuelling, filling yourself up again before you lose all feeling. Bringing yourself back.”

Being in artist is not just about creating, but also about how to take care of one’s instrument. Don’t forget to fill yourself up. We all have our ways to take care of our our artistic selves. I listen to music, watch movies, go to museums, travel to a place I love. I haven’t yet learned exactly what makes me tic, but I’m getting closer.

Here is the rest of the article published yesterday in The Guardian:

Good read!


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