A day for Wes

I’m so depressed today I need to watch Rushmore.


Moving Towards A Good Place

Not writing much these days. I suppose I feel guilty. I’m making an effort to be less negative. I know it’s too much some times. I feel it when I talk to a friend, and that person suddenly gets very busy with something else he/she has to do. I’m allergic to small talk, so when someone asks how I am I answer the truth. Well, ten years of telling people the truth hasn’t gotten me to a good place, so I think it’s time to change the strategy. Don’t you?

What is also going on is that I am negotiating with my boss to give me one day off every week. It seems he’s happy with my work, and wants me to continue. The plan was to quit and become a freelance translator again, but I love my clients where I work now, and don’t feel like I’m done there yet. I will talk to him tomorrow. He made me an offer, but I think he should give me more. I’m trying not to push it. In any case continuing the way I have done until now is not an option. I’m terribly unhappy spending all my time in the office. The question is if I’ll actually get anything done on the day off. I really think I should try. I have unfinished stories, I have unfinished songs. The piano is in the living room collecting dust. It sounds pretentious to take one day off every week to work on my music, but I’ll just have to live with being pretentious. What can I do? I need this.

I’m still quite obsessed with the new Bat for Lashes album, I’ve had it on repeat for months. I’m also listening a lot to PJ Harvey. I admire her so much. I’ve gotten back to some old Rickie Lee Jones’ albums as well. She is HOME to me. One day I was thinking about the day Rickie Lee and Joni are no longer with us, and I burst into tears (right there on the train, it was kind of embarrassing). It’s good to have family that you know will always be there to support you. My family consists of Rickie Lee, Joni and James Taylor. They are with me all the time.

Today I saw an interview with the fabulous Stephen Fry. I thought he was kind of harsh, but he has a lot of good points as well. I’m giving you the link here, I found it on Open Culture: http://www.openculture.com/2012/08/what_i_wish_i_knew_when_i_was_18_stephen_fry.html

Have a beautiful week all of you!

Greetings from Paris