Waiting For Contentment

I dragged myself out
Of a hole in the ground
With the breath of a lion
The roar of a child
A flowers contentment
To be alive

How tall is my joy
Only let short by the
Rumbling night
When did everything
Become such a fight
The heavy morning sings

My story is the story
Of a lifetime of regret
Like a lake brimful


To Be Inspired

There is not much I love more than to be inspired by someone I admire and love. I look at my friends sometimes, and I feel so proud to know and be close to people who have initiative and make things happen. I know people who, professionally, are everything I ever wanted to be. These are people who make music, who take pictures, who write, who make movies. They are passionate idealists, and they work to spread information or to simply just spread joy. Some of them work to make the world a better place. There is no higher calling than this, to try in a small way to make the world a better place.

I strive to become this kind of person. I don’t want to spend my precious time on earth going to work every day just to put money in my pocket and buy things I don’t even need. This is why this lifestyle society forces us into bothers me. We are supposed to wake up, take the train to work, sit in front of a desk for eight hours just to get home just in time to eat and sleep, and then get up to do it all again. Consumer society is constructed to make us all zombies, to bow under to this insatiable need for money and luxury and comfort. You only have to take one look at the news to understand that many of the human beings on this planet have other things on their agenda. How to avoid a bullet. How to find food. How to not freeze to death. How to find water. How to avoid going insane in the midst of hell and violence.

It is getting more and more difficult to maintain the life I live. What I do professionally doesn’t have any importance. I realize that I need money to eat and pay rent, but I see so many of my friends doing different things and still getting by.

I am harvesting inspiration. One week from now I go on vacation, and I will spend this time thinking about and preparing next year. I have some ideas, and I hope I’ll be able to make some of them happen.

There is so much to do. Life is a gift, we should spend it spreading joy by being in a state of joy as much as we can. I strongly believe this, and I hope to change my life so that I can become this person I want to be.